Receive up to 100,000 shares in our next company if you refer a selected founder or someone else who refers a selected founder!

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What is a Scout?

Launch Factory Scouts refer individuals that they think could be either a candidate for the Founders Recruitment Process or another Scout.

Great candidate referrals are individuals the referring scout believes could successfully develop and lead a startup company. Alternatively, great scout referrals are people who can refer potential candidates or other scouts.

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Scout Compensation

In exchange for their referrals, scouts will have the opportunity to earn real shares of stock in one of our new companies.

Launch Factory gives 100,000 shares of stock in the new company to the scouts who directly refer either of our selected Founders. But that’s not all – the scout who referred that scout will receive 50,000 shares, and the scout who referred them will receive 25,000 shares, and so on.



How it works

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Becoming a Launch Factory Scout is simple! To join, fill out the form below to be enrolled as a Scout for our Founders Recruitment Process. After enrolling, you will receive an email with your custom Scout link and instructions on how to refer Scouts and candidates for the event.

Do you want to lead a Startup?

This summer, Launch Factory will be hosting its first Founders Recruitment Process to identify the leaders of its new startup!

Throughout this 6-week process, teams of two entrepreneurs will be tasked with delivering work products related to a real Launch Factory startup.  These tasks are designed to test each team’s ability to develop and lead a startup company.



Each team consists of two founders, a President & VP of Operations.



The winning team will be hired into the roles of President & VP of Operations



The six week process will take place this summer 2019

How to apply

We will be opening registration for our 2019 Founders Recruitment soon. To stay up to date on the process and application information, enter your contact information below! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions