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Launch Factory is looking for experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs to lead our new startups. Do you know someone who would be a great fit as a Founder? Join the Scout program to help us identify Founders and get rewarded!


scouts rewards

Follow and Share on LinkedIn

Win a $1000 donation to a charity of your choice! By simply following Launch Factory on LinkedIn, and sharing our “Founder” post, you will be entered into a raffle where the winner will have the opportunity to select the charity that receives the donation.

Refer a selected Founder

Receive 50k shares of stock in one of our new companies by spreading the word!  If you are in the chain of referrals that leads us to a Founder, you will receive stock in the company that he or she starts. Up to five Scouts per Founder will receive stock.

Refer Candidates,
Receive Stock

Referring Candidates gives you a chance to receive shares of stock in a new Launch Factory company. If you refer an individual who is selected as a Founder, you will receive 50K shares in their new company.  Up to four other individuals in the chain of referrals for that candidate can also receive 50K shares of stock, so it helps to spread the word as much as you can!



Join the Scout program!

Register for the Scout program and get rewarded for referring potential Founders!


frequently asked questions

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Do you want to lead a Startup?

This summer, Launch Factory will be hosting its first Founders Recruitment Process to identify the leaders of its new startup!

Throughout this 6-week process, teams of two entrepreneurs will be tasked with delivering work products related to a real Launch Factory startup.  These tasks are designed to test each team’s ability to develop and lead a startup company.



Each team consists of two founders, a President & VP of Operations.



The winning team will be hired into the roles of President & VP of Operations



The six week process will take place this summer 2019

How to apply

We will be opening registration for our 2019 Founders Recruitment soon. To stay up to date on the process and application information, enter your contact information below! 

Registration for 2020 recruitment has closed. Join our newsletter to stay up to date.