How it

How do we select the founders of our future startups?

We invite teams of driven entrepreneurs to join our Founders Recruitment Process.

Co-founder teams work to develop a strategy for launching a new startup based on our pre-vetted ideas. Ultimately, one final team is selected to become the founders.

How it works

Apply as a Candidate

Your first step is to apply as a candidate through our website.

Our application opens in the early fall.


Pick a Co-Founder

Candidates participate in our process in teams of two. Most teams consist of a CEO and CTO.

We provide tools and events to help you find a co-founder.


Select an Idea

As a team, you and your co-founder will select one of our vetted startup ideas to pursue.

Your team will work to develop the strategy and vision for this future startup.


Recruitment Process

Over several weeks, your team will develop an early strategy and vision for the new company.

Teams create early marketing plans, GTM strategies, draft financials, and more.


Week to Week

Task instructions are made available to teams each week and the work period begins.

At the close of each phase, all created files and decks are submitted to Launch Factory for review.



We evaluate submissions based on several factors including the viability of their strategy and their overall quality of work.

The highest achieving teams move on to the next phase.


Time Commitment

The recruitment process is demanding but we’ve designed it to fit any schedule.

Each team is also given two, 24-hour late submission opportunities to accommodate schedule conflicts.


Rules and Regulations

All submissions throughout the process must be the sole work of the candidate teams.

Late submissions will not be accepted and any team found plagiarizing will be disqualified.

Additional details regarding dates, timelines, and recruitment process structure will be made available soon. 

Phase Overview
Each week brings a new set of topics and submissions. Throughout the process, your team will build and expand on the strategy developed in each prior week, gradually assembling a complete business plan for the final phase.
The Final Phase
Selecting our Founders
In the final phase of the Recruitment Process, three remaining teams for each startup combine their past submissions into a complete business plan and pitch their vision for the new company to a panel of experienced venture capitalists.

Ultimately, one final team will be selected to launch each new startup!

Funding + Incubation

If your team is selected, you and your co-founder will become the new founders of whichever startup you chose to pursue in the recruitment process. Launch Factory provides the seed capital, advisors, and incubation tools you’ll need to hit the ground running as you start your new company.


Seed Capital

Launch Factory provides a $300k investment to each newly formed startup


Teams can draw up to $100k in compensation, per year, from the seed capital.

Equity Stake

Equity is split equally among each Founder and Launch Factory, excluding set-asides.


We provide a team of compensated advisors to each new startup.


Access to proven processes and tools to help founders operate efficiently.

Space to Grow

Each new company is given office space, to help you grow and develop your new team.
Eligibility & Requirements
Eligibility for candidates

To apply as a candidate, you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree and be authorized to work in the U.S. 

Successful candidates also have business and/or technical product development experience and are familiar with the startup landscape.

Requirements for selected founders
There are two important requirements for selected founders. After selection, you and your cofounder must relocate to San Diego to begin working in our headquarters.

Additionally, teams must leave their past employment to begin working on their new startup as full-time founders.

Relocate to San Diego
After being selected, founders will need to relocate to the Greater San Diego Area (if not already here) within six weeks. Some relocation assistance may by provided.
Full Time Founder
Selected founders will work full-time on their venture in the provided office space at Launch Factory HQ.
Founding Documents
Founders must sign necessary company formation documents, including a Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement with their new company.
Key Dates

Fall 2021

Application Opens

Fall 2021

Partner Pairing Opens

Winter 2022

Application Closes


Recruitment Kickoff


Final Presentations
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Our Next Startups

Learn more about our future startup ideas and our Ideation and Due Diligence process

FAQ Section
Visit our FAQ page to find answers for Founders Recruitment Process questions
Our Next Startups

Learn more about our future startup ideas and our Ideation and Due Diligence process

FAQ Section
Visit our FAQ page to find answers for Founders Recruitment Process questions

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