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At Launch Factory, we internally identify each of the promising startup ideas that we fund and launch.

We source market opportunities and perform hundreds of hours of rigorous due diligence to select innovative, scalable startup ideas for our future companies.

Our Next Startups

2022 Markets and Ideas

Our team is hard at work completing due diligence for the next batch of companies. These startup ideas will be available for candidates to pursue in our upcoming Founders Recruitment Process

The Ideation Process

Sourcing Ideas

Our ideation process helps us identify market trends and uncover unmet customer needs. We source ideas through internal brainstorming sessions, university tech transfer offices, corporate spin-outs, and startup reboots.

Proven Frameworks

Our ideation process utilizes aspects of proven, user-centric methodologies like Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

These innovative frameworks help us identify and develop unique businesses that serve viable market opportunities.

We source thousands of startup ideas

and perform 200+ hours of rigorous due diligence on each concept we choose to pursue

Due Diligence

Screening Ideas

With ideas in hand, our team uses numerous criteria to further define and evaluate these opportunities and quickly eliminate failing ideas. This screening includes competitive market analysis, primary research, financial projections, and consultations with domain experts.


Final Idea Selection

Ultimately, this staged ideation and due diligence process identifies a select group of startup ideas that meet real customer pain points. Next, we recruit entrepreneurs with industry experience to launch these companies.

Selecting founders to launch these new startups

Our Ideation and Due Diligence process identifies the ideas that we provide to our entrepreneur candidates. Our founders can be confident they’re pursuing the right concept and focus on what matters most: building a successful startup.

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