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2021 Startup Ideas

Claim It

Claim It makes it easy for anyone to file, resolve, and enforce small legal claims in the US.  The company will offer an online platform that helps users file a small claim, resolve it in or out of court, and enforce the judgment to collect the award.  Additional opportunities are present to provide mediation and dispute resolution tools and services to small and medium-sized digital businesses. 


Esporter empowers both casual and competitive Esports players to improve their skills, beat their competition, and get recruited. The platform will provide content and coaching to improve Esports players’ performance through gameplay analysis, training, and coaching sessions. Additional opportunities are present to provide talent management tools for the rapidly growing number of organized Esports teams.


Privatyze empowers any user to gain control over their personal digital footprint. The company will offer tools to track personal data, explain how data is being used, and allow users to manage their data privacy preferences. Additional opportunities are present to provide improved privacy compliance and management solutions for digital businesses.


Voxcellent provides engaging voice first learning and entertainment options to fill underutilized pockets of user’s time such as commuting, exercising, or performing rote tasks like household chores. The company will offer a series of e-learning and gaming applications with interactive voice-only content perfectly tailored to fit any busy lifestyle.

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