a  founder


We provide entrepreneurs
with ideas and support to launch new startups

Launch Factory provides talented individuals, like you, with the opportunity to become a startup founder.

Launch Factory
is a startup studio

We build startups from scratch based on business concepts that we identify and develop in-house. 

We don’t invest in existing companies or business concepts.


Our team internally sources and develops each of the promising startup ideas that we pursue.


We recruit talented entrepreneurs, like you, to become the founders of these new companies.


Each founding team receives $300k in seed capital, advisors, office space, and incubation.

We select true startup founders, not employees

We recruit talented pairs of co-founders to launch each of our new companies.

Each selected team receives two-thirds equity, $300k in seed capital, founder compensation which can be drawn from the investment, advisors, incubation, and office space.

Our Startup Process

1. Vetted Startup Ideas

Unlike a traditional accelerator or incubator, we don’t recruit entrepreneurs with existing ideas.

Our team internally identifies and develops innovative business concepts that are ready for market. We make these opportunities available for you to select from and pursue as a founder candidate.

2. Recruiting Entrepreneurs

To select the founders of each new company we host a Founders Recruitment Process. This merit-based recruitment process allows you to highlight your abilities and experience as an entrepreneur.

After selecting one of our business concepts, you and a co-founder will develop a strategy and vision for this future company. Multiple teams take part in the process but ultimately one final team is selected to launch the new startup.

3. Funding and Incubation

Each new startup receives $300k in seed capital, from which founder compensation can be drawn.

With a two-thirds equity stake in the new company, the selected pair are true founders, not employees.

Launch Factory is your third co-founder. We provide multiple compensated advisors, office space, and incubation tools to support your growth from launch to exit.


Seed Capital

$300k seed investment



Compensated advisors


Office Space

2 years of office space 


Equity Stake

Two-thirds equity for founders



Up to $50k per
founder, per year



Proven processes and tools 

Why Launch Factory?


Providing Vetted Ideas

We believe great companies start with great ideas. That’s why our innovation team spends hundreds of hours vetting and refining each business we fund and launch.


The Recruitment Process

Our merit-based process for recruiting our future founders expands opportunities for individuals with diverse backgrounds and work experiences.


Seed Capital Included

By providing $300k in seed capital on day one, you and your co-founder can focus on your launching your business and building and MVP quickly.


Compensated Advisors

We provide each of our startups with a team of experienced domain advisors that help share key insights and knowledge to inform and support founders.

Looking to become a Founder?

Learn more about our future startups and the Founder’s Recruitment Process.

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