Seize your chance to build a startup

This is your opportunity to become the President or VP of Operations of a Launch Factory startup

What is Launch Factory?

Launch Factory is a startup studio that employs a highly systematic approach to launching companies. This process provides a clear guide to vetting opportunities, developing strategy, and launching companies. We believe that process is the cornerstone to startup success and our teams prioritize high-performance business operations and planning.

FoundErs Recruitment

In early 2020, Launch Factory will be hosting a Founders Recruitment Process to identify the leaders of our two new startups!

Throughout this process, teams of two entrepreneurs will be tasked with delivering work products related to a real Launch Factory startup. These tasks are designed to test each team’s ability to develop and lead a startup company.

Our process


Internal Business Ideas

We internally source and develop potential business ideas. These ideas are sent through an in-depth due diligence process to identify the most promising opportunities, which then become the foundations of our new companies.


Pre-seed Funding

Launch Factory provides each of its company with pre-seed funding of $300k. These funds provide salaries for the two founders and help the company grow and develop before outside investment is received.



We are part of your team. As members of your Board of Directors, we use our start up experience and contacts to support your success. We help founders network and get the right people involved in our companies.


Outside Inventment

When the time comes to acquire outside funding, Launch Factory will advise founders as they network with investors and raise the funds needed to support their company’s growth objectives.


Founder Selection

We select founders to launch our companies through the Founders Recruitment Process. Teams of two entrepreneurs compete to lead a future Launch Factory startup by delivering work products related to the new company.



We start and incubate a small number of companies each year so we can be very hands-on with each of them. We provide proven processes and tools to operate efficiently and effectively, and we coach our founders to help them be the best founders they can be.


Space to Grow

Each Launch Factory company is given dedicated space in our San Diego office. We provide space in which to grow and develop, as well as a collaborative work environment that promotes creativity.

How do i join?

Looking to register as either a Scout or a Candidate?

Shortly, we will be releasing more information about our 2020 Founders Recruitment Process. To stay up to date and receive notifications when registration opens, join our newsletter by following the link below.