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At Launch Factory, we internally identify and validate the promising startup ideas that we fund and launch.

We source market opportunities and perform rigorous due diligence with industry experts to select innovative, scalable startup ideas for our future companies.

Our Next Startups

Launch Factory + AI Technology

We are excited to share that Launch Factory has partnered with WowYow Inc, a leader in computer vision AI. Launch Factory will leverage WowYow’s breakthrough IP to develop several new businesses this year.

LF and WowY

Computer Vision AI: The Market

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that focuses primarily on how computers can extract, analyze, and gain a high-level understanding of digital images and videos. 

Three major challenges present in the space are processing costs, development requirements, complex AI model training.

Revolutionary IP

To address these challenges, Launch factory has partnered with WowYow Inc. WowYow’s proprietary approach to Computer Vision and its AI platform is cost-effective, user-friendly, and fast.

WowYow’s solution solves the scalability problem other providers face and opens the door to new and exciting applications.

New Market verticals

Our innovation team has identified several exciting markets for future Computer Vision startups. A few examples include:

Retail Data 👜

New tools can efficiently process high volumes of video and recognize objects, brands, and people in a retail setting.

Sports Analytics  🏈

We estimate 100B+ hours of film is produced across the industry. AI capability can turn all that footage into valuable data to recruit the best players and secure fans.

Security Monitoring 🚨

Computer Vision AI has an opportunity to become a smart assistant to security teams by leveraging near real-time processing and indexing. 

Video Indexing  🔎

New technology would allow for new indexing of video content to create raw data that is structured and labeled for analysis.

Founders in Residence

We’re searching for experienced business operators, technologists, and serial entrepreneurs to launch new computer vision AI startups in 2022.