About Launch Factory

We are a startup studio with a unique pathway for launching successful companies. Unlike a traditional accelerator or incubator, we don’t invest in existing companies.

We build new businesses from the ground up. We identify and rigorously vet ideas for our startups, recruit talented entrepreneurs to launch these businesses, and then provide them with seed capital, advisors, and incubation.

What we Do

Startup Ideas

Source and develop promising business ideas for our next startup companies


Identify and select the most qualified founders to start and lead each new startup


Provide founders with seed capital, advisors, and incubation to help them grow

How we do it

Source Ideas

Great startups begin with great ideas

We source thousands of ideas from internal ideation, tech transfer, corporate spinouts, and startup reboots. Ideas are rapidly screened to identify the most promising opportunities.

Due Diligence

Only the best ideas make the cut

Our rigorous due diligence process develops innovative startup ideas that solve real customer needs and are ready for market.  We evaluate the viability, desirability, and feasibility of each opportunity.


We recruit entrepreneurs to launch our vetted ideas

We recruit pairs of co-founders, equip them with our vetted startup ideas, and select the ideal founders for each new company using a merit-based process.


Seed Capital + founder compensation on day one

Each new startup receives $300k in seed capital, from which founder compensation can be drawn. This funding allows our companies to rapidly scale and provides founders with modest compensation.


Launch Factory is your

We provide each of our companies with compensated domain advisors, incubation tools, and office space. Our mission is to support rapid startup success.

Our Team

Explorers. Thinkers. Builders.
Launch Factory

Our team is comprised of experienced startup founders, leaders, and investors. We launch world-class businesses and are developing the future of startup success.

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Co-found with us

Learn more about our Founder in Residence program and our next startup cohort.