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OmniSync is modernizing and democratizing access to $700B+ of Federal government grants and contracts for small and large entities and innovators across the country.

Our flagship product, TurboSBIR, works like TurboTax for helping tech and life science startups find and apply for SBIR/STTR grants and contracts across all Federal agencies, through single-sign on, modern software.



Inventions change the world! Millions have new product ideas but don’t know how to develop products and bring them to market.

Productified is a product idea development platform that helps inventors and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before.



We want to empower small and mid-size care facilities to find the best caregivers.

Our platform helps employers hire in half the time at a fraction of the price of agencies and job boards while bringing convenience, access, and transparency to caregivers’ job hunts.



We are building tools to help gamers across the world compete at a higher level and win more.

Like all competitors, gamers are only truly satisfied when playing at their highest level. With Esporter, players can improve at the games they love, find success, and feel accomplished in their time gaming.


New Voice Learning

There are 1.5 Billion people in the world learning English right now, but many lack the confidence to make their voices heard and truly express their ideas.

Our platform helps non-native English speakers overcome their fear of speaking and achieve personal and professional growth.



Which do you hate more: the fact that Big Tech knows every little thing about you or that they’re making Billions by selling that info to the highest bidder?

Privatyze will help put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your digital identity, data, and privacy so that Big Tech has to play by your rules.



Tens of millions of individuals in the United States lack meaningful access to legal help, the courts, and justice.

Resolved is an early resolution platform that empowers everyone to resolve their disputes in an easier and accessible way.


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