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Launch Factory Overview 

Launch Factory is a startup studio with a unique approach to launching great companies. We source and develop concepts for our future businesses, then recruit talented entrepreneurs through our Founders Recruitment Process to launch and grow these new startups. We provide a pathway to entrepreneurship for those with the ability and passion to build a successful company. We believe our rigorous due diligence, founder selection, and incubation process can address many common causes of startup failure and increase the success rate of our companies. 

Job Description 

Are you interested in what makes businesses successful?  Have you ever been interested in identifying new business opportunities and assessing whether they should be pursued?  In this role, you’ll do exactly that. The Launch Factory Innovation Manager leads the entire innovation pipeline for the company. This includes sourcing, ideation, and due diligence for all companies we pursue, as well as process development in each of those areas. You will lead successive degrees of screening for multiple startup concepts to evaluate and forecast financial performance; perform industry, market, and competitor research; validate market needs, and more. This role partners closely with the CEO and COO and proactively ensures the company’s innovation pipeline is filled. 

Key Responsibilities & Duties 

  • Develop processes to source or ideate a sufficient number of new business concepts to drive four new company formations each year after down-selection. 
  • Refine existing processes for due diligence to thoroughly vet new business concepts coming through the pipeline and drive decisions about which should be pursued. 
  • Lead a team of junior employees, contractors and interns through the ideation, sourcing, and due diligence of new business concepts. 
  • Evaluate and forecast financial performancefeasibility, and the problem and solution of multiple business concepts.   

Qualifications / Experience 

  • Bs or MS/PhD in Technical Field
  • Significant business development experience
  • Research and Data Analysis Skills
  • Exposure to new concept development
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Program Management & Organizational Skills
  • PowerPoint, Word, & Excel Proficiency



3880 Murphy Canyon Rd Suite 150, San Diego, CA 92123

Position Type

Full Time / Salary




Nov 21st, 2019

Application Deadline

Dec 20th, 2020


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