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We are looking for a Graduate Intern to join Launch Factory, an early-stage startup studio in San Diego, CA.

Launch Factory Overview 

Launch Factory is a startup studio that provides a pathway to entrepreneurship for those with the ability and passion to build a successful company.

We source and develop concepts for our future businesses, then recruit talented entrepreneurs to launch and grow these new startups. We believe our rigorous due diligence, founder selection, and incubation process can address many common causes of startup failure and increase the success rate of our companies.

Job Description 

The Successful candidate will join our innovation team. This group drives the idea generation and acquisition for potential ventures, the preliminary and secondary market research, and all the due diligence to qualify and develop great start-ups.

Key Responsibilities & Duties 

  • Evaluate and forecast financial performance for new business opportunities to assess their financial feasibility
  • Lead primary and secondary research to evaluate target markets and start-up opportunities.
  • Coordinate and assist in all internal ideation activities (e.g.: facilitate brainstorming session, evaluate ideas for further refinement, etc…)
  • Support outreach activities to establish reliable idea sources.

Qualifications / Experience 

We are looking for someone with an outstanding track record, with excellent attention to details and an owner mindset. 

You should have:

  • An MBA or graduate degree in any related field (business, management, engineering, mathematics, product design)
  • Previous experience in consulting, venture capital or start-ups
  • Familiarity with design-thinking frameworks
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills and ability to communicate with senior stakeholders
  • Proficiency in Excel; R or Python is a plus.




Position Type

Part-time / Full-time






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