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Graduate Data Analyst Internship

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We are looking for a Graduate Intern to join Launch Factory, a venture studio in San Diego, CA, for Summer 2021.  This position is unpaid. 

Launch Factory Overview 

Launch Factory is a startup studio with a unique approach to launching great companies. We internally source and develop concepts for our future businesses, and then we recruit founders to launch each new company. Our seven-week Founders Recruitment Process uses a combination of assessments, interviews, and work samples to evaluate candidates’ abilities to lead a successful company. 

Job Description 

The intern’s primary objective is to identify methods of predicting whether entrepreneurial success based on psychometric assessments, interviews, and performance in a competitive series of work samples. 

Key Responsibilities & Duties 

  • Analyze available data and attempt to identify: 
    • Methods of predicting entrepreneurial success within the framework and available data of our current recruitment process. 
    • Opportunities to design a process to find and select these candidates with a higher likelihood of success. 
  • Review and update existing secondary research into entrepreneurial and general startup success prediction. 
  • Produce a literature review of the current state of the art in predicting the success of startup founders, performance in role for prospective candidates in any role, and the ability of any two individuals to work well together. 


We are looking for someone with an outstanding track record, with excellent attention to details and an owner mindset.   

You should have: 

  • Graduate-level experience pursuing a master’s in applied statistics, data science, predictive analytics, etc.  
  • Proficiency in R and Excel. 
  • Prior exposure to survival analysis, advanced regression techniques (e.g. ordinal & logistic regression, multinomial classification), and ML classification techniques (e.g. decision trees, random forests, gradient boosting, etc.) is a plus. 
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills and ability to communicate with senior stakeholders 




Position Type

Internship / Part Time / Unpaid




Unpaid – (Must be actively enrolled in masters program)


May 13th, 2021

Application Deadline

June 30th, 2021

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