We are a
Startup Studio
We pair our startups with talented founders, invest, and accelerate their success!
Our Approach

Launch Factory sources it’s portfolio companies through internal ideation and partnerships, rigorously validating each opportunity. We select talented founders to lead each new company and partner with them to increase their odds of success.

Diversity and Inclusion
At Launch Factory we believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment allows us to build stronger and more resilient startups. We actively work to foster a culture of inclusion and recognize the value of diversity in our founders, advisors, and staff.
Selecting Founders

We’ve developed a twelve-week Founder in Residence program where exceptionally talented business operators, technologists, and serial entrepreneurs develop and launch new companies. We bring together bright minds, in-house ideation, support services, and funding to build innovative startups.

Building Teams
We are committed to building diverse teams and encourage behaviors that support inclusive startup growth. We do not allow discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual identity, or any other form of identity from our employees and portfolio company founders.
Ideas +
Founders +
Funding +
Support = a better model for startups

Startups create countless positive benefits for society, their employees, their founders, and their investors…

At Launch Factory, we’re on a mission to make amazing startups reliably, repeatably, and scalably.

How we do it

Source Ideas

Great startups begin with great ideas

We source thousands of ideas from internal ideation and partnerships. Ideas are rapidly screened to identify the most promising opportunities.

Due Diligence

Only the best ideas make the cut

Our rigorous due diligence process cultivates innovative startup ideas that solve real customer needs and are ready for market.  We evaluate the viability, desirability, and feasibility of each opportunity.

Founder Selection

Founders in Residence

We invite experienced entrepreneurs to join our Founder in Residence program and lead our future startups. FIR’s research, develop, launch and scale each new company.


Seed Capital + founder compensation

Each new startup receives seed capital and founder compensation. This funding allows our companies to rapidly scale and provides founders with modest compensation.


Surrounded by amazing talent

We bring together serial entrepreneurs and experienced advisors to surround each of our companies with a talented team. Our mission is to support rapid startup success.

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