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With Us

Selecting our next founders

We are looking for experienced startup operators and builders who are interested in launching new startups with our elite team at Launch Factory.

We surround our founders with a powerful team of startup leaders who have launched, grown, and exited numerous technology companies.

We provide technical leadership, market expertise, back-office support, and funding so you can focus on what you do best: building great startups.

About the Residency

Founders in Residence will work with Launch Factory, in San Diego, to investigate concepts, validate markets, and develop the vision for their business.

Founders will receive an initial investment to build and scale this new venture with Launch Factory as a resource.

What we’re looking for

Startup Track Record Prior experience starting, building, and leading a successful startup or corporate organization

Ready to Work – We’re looking for builders, people who are excited about creating companies from the ground up.

Obsessive Customer Focus – Founders who turn research and insights into an actionable go-to-market strategy.

Unique Industry Knowledge – We love founders with a unique skill, passion, or experience that sets them apart.

Proximity to San Diego – Founders in Residence must be willing to work in person at our San Diego office.

Outside-the-Box Thinking – Founders who are passionate about testing and validating new and unique markets.

Technical and Non-Technical

We’re searching for a diverse cohort of founders from both technical CTO backgrounds and non-technical CEO/COO roles.


– Sales, Biz Dev, and Product Marketing Gurus

– Obsessive customer focus with the ability to turn research and insights into an actionable go to market strategy

– Track record of successful startup fundraising


– Product , Architecture, and UX Gurus

– Incredible product vision with experience developing products from concept testing through mature production

– Track record building amazing user experiences

Portfolio Companies

Learn more about the Launch Factory family of portfolio companies

The Steps


Apply as a Candidate

Your first step is to hit the apply button on our website. In the application process, you’ll submit your resume, personal information, startup operator experience, and future entrepreneurial goals.


Screening Process

We evaluate each application based on several factors including past startup experience, track record, personal skills, and unique industry knowledge.


Get to Know Us

We’re looking for exceptional founders that are looking to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty building amazing things. We want to hear about your past accomplishments and failures.


Build Time

We’ll kick off the program at our San Diego offices. Our team is here to help you research, validate, launch and build an incredible startup. Launch Factory is your co-founder.

Tools and Resources


Elite Advisors
We surround our founders with an extensive network of domain advisors, partners, and investors.


Internal Ideation
We help our founders identify, test, and validate market applications with our internal ideation teams.


Our incubation program supports founders with key resources and back-office support to help them focus on building.


Founder Equity
Founder’s in residence ideate, develop and launch each new startup and receive founder equity.


Initial Funding
We provide each of our new companies with an initial seed investment to launch the business.


Office Space
We provide 2 years of included office space to help you and your growing team expand.

Founder in Residence

Co-found a company with Launch Factory