Phase III

Product Roadmaps, Wireframes and Strategic Planning

Task instructions & Downloads

Below you’ll find an update video discussing this week’s task, Q&A details, task instructions for this week, and any additional supporting files.

Begin each phase by watching the weekly update and task discussion video.


Weekly Update & Task Discussion

Start identifying references needed for Phase IV

In phase IV of the process, you’ll obtain at least 5 (5-10) responses to a “Quantitative Recommendation Survey” from individuals you have previously worked with. The survey will take them roughly 10 minutes to complete and you’ll send it to them by submitting a form on Launch Factory’s website.

More instructions will be provided in Phase IV but you should start thinking now about the individuals in your professional network that you have had genuine working relationships with. These referrers should be able to speak assuredly on your behalf and must have direct experience working with or observing you in a professional or educational setting.

Phase III Q&A 

We have compiled a list of written answers to the top questions from the session. Take a look at these Q&A responses, it’s likely that you may stumble across the same questions as you and your partner work on this phase.

Additionally, here is a link to the complete video recording of the Q&A session.

Still have questions? Email support@launchfactory  or ask in Slack.


Task Downloads


Phase III - Product Roadmap & Wireframes Instructions


Phase III - Strategic Planning Instructions


Phase III - Team Survey Instructions Doc


Phase III - Strategic Planning Templates



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