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Startup Companies


We are a Startup Studio with a unique approach to launching great companies. We source and develop concepts for our future businesses, then recruit talented entrepreneurs to launch and grow these new startups. We provide a pathway to entrepreneurship for those with the ability and passion to build a successful company.

We believe our rigorous due diligence, founder selection, and incubation process can address many common causes of startup failure and increase the success rate of our companies.

What we Do


Source and develop promising business ideas for our new startup companies


Identify and select the most qualified Founders to start and lead each new company


Provide Founders with funding and incubation as they launch their startups

Recruiting Founders

Launch Factory is changing what it means to be an entrepreneur. Our Founders Recruitment Process provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to lead new startups that Launch Factory has identified and developed.  We invest in each of our companies and our Founders receive hands on guidance and support as they launch their new businesses. 

How it works

Candidates work with a partner during the recruitment process to deliver a series of real-world work samples that demonstrate their ability to start and lead one of our new companies.  In the end, one final team is selected to launch and grow this new business.

The Opportunities

We’re launching two new companies in 2020 to pursue market opportunities we’ve identified. The first aims to help seniors remain in their homes longer, and the second will create a marketplace where product creators and makers can collaborate toward the launch of new products.

Help us spread the word

Refer Founders and get rewarded! Do you know an entrepreneur who would be a great fit for the Founders Recruitment Process?

Scouts can win money for a charity of their choice and even receive 50,000 shares of stock in one of our new startups by following Launch Factory on social media, sharing our posts, and referring Founders to our recruitment process.

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Get to know Launch Factory. Visit the “About Us” page to learn more about our startup studio and our process for improving startup success.

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